Jaden Smith Providing Filters for Flint – Abigail Salas

In 2014 the water source in Flint, Michigan changed from Lake Huron and the Detroit River to the Flint River for economic reasons.  They later discovered that said water was contaminated with lead.

Recently, Jaden Smith’s organization teamed up with the First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church and other organizations like 501CTHREE, Rethink H2O, and many more to take “The Water Box”, which is a filtration system, to Flint.  “Essentially you could hook it up to the hose on the side of your house and it will filtrate the water,” stated Catrina Tillman, spokesperson for the church. Water bottle donations have been declining and the church has donated five million bottles to the residents of Flint.

Jada Pinkett Smith, Jaden’s mom, announced that she would donate a second box.  Flint residents will be able to get filtered water on Thursday March 7th from 11:30AM – 1:30PM at the Annex Center across from the First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church.



Trojan Defeat ! – Joshua Yeboah

This week the Centennial Hawks faced off against the Mayfield Trojans. Coming off of a devastating home loss against the Las Cruces Bulldogs, the Hawks were in search of a motivating home victory, as the season comes to a close. With (D1) Southern Mississippi commit, Jorell Satterfield, leading the Trojan’s backcourt, the Hawks must play a great defensive game to secure the victory.

The Hawks came out ready to play, applying full-court pressure to suppress the mayfield fastbreak offense. Home court familiarity allowed for the Hawks to efficiently score the ball, gaining an early lead. Intimidated by the Hawks initial force, the Trojans seemed disoriented, making rapid alterations to their lineup, allowing for Centennial to control the pace of the game. To end the first quarter, the Hawks would lead, 18-12.

Going into the second quarter, the Senior Miguel Luna (42), lengthened the Hawks lead, by contributing from the free throw line, and protecting the rim defensively. The Trojans seemingly exhibited no change in game plan, relying on Satterfield (23) to keep the score close. Continuing to take advantage of Mayfield’s offensive struggles, and protecting homecourt, the Hawks would score another 18 points. Leading into halftime with a score of 36-25.

However the third quarter marked the turning point for the Trojans. With a revised offensive gameplan, and star guard Jorell Satterfield (23), the Trojans would go on a roaring comeback, outscoring the hawks 17-19. Satterfield would lead this comeback, scoring 14 points in 5 minutes of play. Nonetheless, the Hawks success from the second quarter, would maintain the Hawks lead, ending the quarter 59-53.

After the Hawk’s poor defensive performance in the third quarter, Coach Heredia adjusted the defensive matchups, in hopes of stopping Satterfield. However the changes to the defense were proven irrelevant as satterfield would continue to dominate, outscoring the hawks 22-21.  Though the Hawks were under defensive breakdown, the clock seemed to be on their side, as the fourth quarter would conclude, with a final Hawk victory 74-66.

Now that the Hawk’s have established a state seeding, the primary focus is to win their final game versus Gadsden, and prepare for the state tournament. The Hawks will face the Gadsden Panthers this coming friday





Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next” – Aaqila Sukarno

Ariana Grande’s new album, “thank u, next,” has sparked millions of people around the world ever since it was released. This album features 12 songs mostly inspired by Ariana’s life experiences including those from her past relationships.  This album was written and recorded within weeks which can explain some of the repetitiveness within lyrics as well as confusing words in some of her songs. Her new album features songs that were sung in a somewhat rap style, which is Ariana’s new trend within her songs. Many of the songs in the album express the trauma hidden behind the lyrics of her songs. As many people know, Ariana has been through many difficult times this past year due to the loss of her ex boyfriend, Malcolm Miller, the public rise and fall of her relationship with Pete Davidson, accusations from fans, and scandals of theft from companies. Even after all of this, her album represents finding strength even through the darkest of times. Instead of dwelling within the wreckage that has been done, Ariana continues to keep moving forward in her life and musical career. There are different meanings behind her songs such as ‘NASA’, a song that represents giving yourself space from your loved ones during tough times and ‘Bad Idea’, a song that describes how what people want isn’t always what’s best for them. Many people have found a deep connection towards Ariana’s songs in which they can relate to her experiences. In all, Ariana Grande’s album, “thank u, next”, is a phenomenal album that consists of different elements that all contribute to experiences people go through in life whether they’re positive or negative.





**Indoor Weather – Camille Montoya

There is in but one corner

Of the room

A ray of sunlight,

A beam of moon.

In another chair,

by the windowsill

A rustle of wind,

Then the moods stand still.

But yet again,

In the centre small

A shadows pass

A thunder’s call.

In the frontmost row,

Where the door is near,

A freckle of snow,

Once near and dear,

Then away it blows.

Sunny, Windy, Stormy, Snow,

Many people, like weather,

Oh many, I know,

Many people are weather,

They ebb and they flow.

All people are weather.

And indoors they glow.


**Anticipation? – Mia Avalos

I look at you

you look at me.

We both look at one another knowing there’s more that’s supposed to be.

What are we waiting for we think.

Is it meant to be?

Or are we anticipating.


**Us – Michaela Cadena-Chavira

As we lie entangled

Under the gleam of the moon and the stars

Looking into your eyes shining bright

In the still quiet night

We listen to the beat of our hearts


Wanting to give into my craving,

I press my lips to yours

Mi amor,

Kiss like it is my life you are saving.


The softness  of your touch

Send shivers down my spine

Your hands, strong, rough, divine

How can I love you this much


I feel helpless

No matter how much we tried

At the end we just sighed

Each caring about the other, selfless


Us, no more a couple

Schedules rearranged

My life, once again, changed

We were too much trouble.