Night Routine Switch Up? with Javi and Macy

Are you the type of person that skips out on a night routine because you are to lazy,   cause same…                                                                                                                                             With that being said, is a switch up needed in your nightly routine? The answer is YES! Javi and I put this theory to the test. We decided to change up our routines to see the results. The results came back positive. We first changed by doing homework right after school to relive our stress for the rest of the evening. The results from this were good because we got more time to spend on ourselves. Next, each of us took a nice, relaxing shower to get ready for bed. This helped out with our relaxation and being cleansed for the rest of the night. After the shower we started our skin care routine. We stated with a simple rinse of the face with our favorite cleaners, then we dried off our face and put our moisturizer on, because nobody has time for gross, CRUSTY skin! For the next step we did a eye cream cause eye bags don’t exist in our world, then we followed that with a lip scrub for our chapped lips. We also found that getting off your phone thirty minutes before bedtime helps your mind calm down and let go of tension for a easier drift into sleep. We highly recommend making a switch because, just after a week we felt rejuvenated and ready to have a calming night.

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