Recently Javi’s dealt with an issue that is a hard topic for people to talk about. Some people might get emotional over this topic like Javi did, HIS PHONE BROKE!! He describes it as if the wold is ending, which is kind of dramatic if i do say so myself. Some would say it would be a relief to be without your phone, like have you ever felt like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders? That’s how he felt for the first couple hours, but then hours turned into days and life became a living HELL. So it all started when Javi dropped his phone and it stopped charging. The phone is useful for many things, and can make life a lot easier when it comes down to it, but the phone can also be an addictive habit that can take over someones life. Javi and I being teens, can not live without our phones. Social media is the main platform we teens are usually on. Go to any high school and ask students whats their favorite app. They will most likely say snap chat or Instagram. Kids our age don’t even really use text message anymore, its all about snap chat and how many streaks you can keep. This has been a tough week for Javi because he has lost his main outlet into other peoples lives. He has also lost the communication with his friends. In the end our phones will always be this generations main priority, but every now and then its good to take a little break.

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