Is prom worth it?

Do you dream about the perfect night like Macy does, or dread the night like Javi does? In our recent debate Macy and i went over the pros and cons of prom. We are going over the points of whether prom is worth it or not.  The first argument from Macy is that its an important part of the high school experience. Students will have one last exciting night with their friends and peers that have been around them since freshman year. Javi contradicts this statement because he feels its a waste of time, and money when you’ll still hangout with your friends after high school, and still have chances to do things with them. Javi says that friends will still be around after high school and that one special night wont change that. The second argument is that Macy feels that dressing up and dancing, and  overall just feeling yourself will give you a night to remember. If your like Javi, and will be lonely for the rest of your life, then you will believe that prom is exclusively for couples… and how embarrassing is that to pull up without a date. Javi says that there are so many opportunity’s to dress up and feel yourself besides prom, and to waste your money on one night is absolutely absurd.  Macy and I have different views on the whole prom thing and stigma that surrounds it but that’s life. Its your decision if you feel like prom is your thing. Prom is just a small fraction of life but shouldn’t be taken for granted because high school doesn’t last forever.

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